is with its small roads and mostly old houses one of the most beautiful villages of the Messara. Besides that, it offers you several taverns & cafes, a few nice shops a fantastic view of the sunset.

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The location

Amazing sights, calming beaches & local villages

The area of Kamilari offers wonderful beaches, walks in the olive groves, short trips to gorges, monasteries, or the mountain range of Asterousia. You can go for horseback riding at the beach of Komos, for cooking classes in Kalamaki, or just enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the archaeological site like the Palace of Phaistos.

taverns of Kalilari

Enjoy the traditional food at the local taverns in Kamilari

komos beach

Komos beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Southern Crete

Vathi beach

Visit the secluded bays like Vathi

area of Messara

The beach village Kalamaki is just a 2km distance and is very well organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, and small playgrounds.

area of Messara

Walk in the olive groves and see the Mana Tree, one of the oldest olive trees in Crete.

Phaistos Palace

The Palace of Phaistos lies on the East end of Kastri hill at the end of the Mesara plain in Central Southern Crete. To the north lies Psiloritis, the highest mountain in Crete. On the slopes of Psiloritis is the Kamares cave, probably a religious or cult centre for Phaistos and the Mesara plain. In this cave a very fine pottery style was discovered from the Middle Minoan period, which has been named Kamares Ware after the cave in which it was found. Kamares ware has only been found at Palace sites like Phaistos and Knossos, suggesting that it was specially produced for whatever elite was based in the Palaces.

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